Retaking the Path

Organization formed for Motivation, Awakening of Consciousness, Evolution and Empowerment of the Human Being in the Journey of Growth and Search for Oneness through Love, Inner Peace, Personal Development, Physical and Spiritual Healing.


Retaking the Path…Peaceful Ways

We may drift:
find your path.

We may become distracted:
pay attention.

We may fall asleep:
wake up.

We may lock our doors and windows:
open your heart and mind.

We may lock ourselves up:
take a chance through the open doors of your life…….


You’re not here accidentally, but in a very meaningful way. There is a purpose behind you.
“It is love that brought you here.”
It is love that you came on this trip.
“” Love is what gives you every opportunity to change everything.”” “If you will not hold any concept, thing or ideology, it will be easy to discover where are truth and reality.” – Anthony de Mello
Follow your heart…