Reiki Level 1 Certification Class

(Reiki Nivel 1 Clase Certificada)

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Reiki Level 2 Certification Class (Reiki Nivel 2 Clase Certificada)

Receive 2 powerful attunements and leave the class competent and confident in the use of 3 Reiki Symbols and Distant Healing.

Open to those who have completed Reiki level 1 either with us or another teacher,(must provide your Reiki Level 1 certificate).

Reciba dos iniciaciones poderosas y salga de la clase competente y con confianza en el uso de 3 Símbolos de Reiki y Sanación a Distancia.

Abierto a los que han cursado el nivel 1 de Reiki ya sea con nosotros o con otro maestro, (debe proporcionar su certificado de Reiki Nivel 1).

$125.00 a $60 deposit by July 30th will hold your spot.
Lunch, beverages and snacks will be provided.
Advance Registration is required, Class Size is limited.


$ 125.00 un depósito de $60.00 antes de Julio 30, reservará su cupo. Se proporcionará almuerzo, bebidas y aperitivos. Se requiere registro adelantado, el cupo es limitado Love & Light
Amor & Luz

Se habla Español

Amor & Luz


Jaime Arévalo Reyes and Elizabeth Velez are Reiki Masters/Teachers of the Natural Healing Method of Usui Reiki Shiki Ryōhō (臼井靈氣式療法) retomandoelsendero@gmail.com for further information retomandoelsendero@gmail para más información

Phone: 954-543 7266


Nuevo Círculo Sanador de Reiki en Pompano


 NEW POMPANO REIKI HEALING CIRCLE at The Empowerment and Enrichment Center

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Invite you to our new Reiki Healing Circle at

The Empowerment and Enrichment Center

4301 N Federal Hwy, Suite 4, Pompano Beach, FL (edit map)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Time:  7:30 PM

  Love donations accepted

People from all walks of life, all socioeconomic classes, political divisions, cultural and religious backgrounds, come together to share in the giving and receiving of healing energy. You might meet together as strangers, and then after only one hour, you’ve bonded through a mutual exchange and respect for a force that is much greater than each individual.

We come together
And meet in the heart of silence,
Around the world
With healing energy…

Our vision planted…
The essence
of healing energy
Gently aligning…

As we are consumed
In fires of love
We become the torch
Whose flames warm all…

Dwelling in the heart
of silence
We go beyond even this…
To carry our vision
Into the world.

It is powerful energy medicine
and lights all paths…
It surrounds us
as a cloak. In these sacred moments
Born in the heart
of our circle,

Giving birth to itself
In love and compassion.

I am a scribe for its words.
Let us drink from the cup together
With love and vision…

Beyond time and space…
Flowing outward
On wings
Of infinite compassion…

We are one
Yet many,
Working together
In love…

by Songbird

  Reiki Precepts

Just for today, I will live with the Attitude of Gratitude

Just for today, I will not worry

Just for today, I will not anger

Just for today, I will do my work honestly

Just for today, I will show Love and respect for every living thing

A mystical path to creating happiness.
A spiritual remedy for all afflictions.
Center your heart, mind and voice.
Well being for the spirit and body.
Founder, Mikao Usui (1865-1926)


For more information contact:

Elizabeth Velez or Jaime Arévalo at (954) 543-7266 or retomandoelsendero@gmail.com


Se habla Español



 Native American Drum Healing Circle

Círculo Sanador Nativo-Americano con Tambores



Estamos  felices de anunciar que iniciaremos un nuevo círculo de sanación con tambores en el Centro de Empoderamiento y Enriquecimiento (E & E) en Pompano Beach este mes de noviembre. También planeamos integrar otras presentaciones en esta ubicación, en el tiempo venidero.

Dirección: 4301 N Federal Hwy, Ste. 4. Pompano Beach, FL 33064
Primer Viernes de cada mes
Hora: 7:30p.m.

Vamos a limitar la participación a unas 20 personas y pedir su paciencia mientras aprendemos la mejor manera de adecuar el espacio y la capacidad.

Native American Healing Drumming Circle Ceremony

First Friday of each month, 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

donations honored with Grandfather Rick McBride

E&E Center 4301 N Fed Hwy, Pompano Beach. Please arrive promptly and please note this is an INDOOR drum circle.

We will play Native American style hand drums and rattles as we pray and sing for Global Peace and Personal Healing. When we drum, we sometimes say it’s the heart beat of the Earth, the Mother of Creation. As this a traditional Native American drum circle, we sing these sacred songs in the original Lakota language (no songs in English).

Please join us. If you do not have a drum or rattle there will be drums and rattles to share. Older children are welcome when accompanied by a parent. There is no charge for Ceremony, but donations are accepted to support the continuation of the circle. It is traditional for women to wear skirts or dresses to Native American Ceremony. Please arrive promptly; it is important for everyone to be present at the start of the Ceremony.

Rick McBride is mixedblood Tsalagi (Cherokee) who has walked the Red Road for over 30 years. He was named Cante Lute (Schan-tay Lou-tuh) by the spirits through his sundance chief, which means Red Heart. He is a sundancer and has been traditionally trained and authorized to lead ceremonies, such as inipi (purification lodge), prayer with the Canunpah (Pipe), drum healing and so forth. He has been publicly teaching these ways for some ten years now.

For further information, visit his website: www.mixedblood.info

NOTE: Grandfather Rick builds drums. If you have interest in acquiring one of his drums, or you would like to build your own in a 1-on-1 workshop, follow this link to the DRUM PAGE on his website.

On the mixedblood website schedule page you will find links to the breakout pages where the details. For a Stone People Medicine reading, please follow this link to the Stone Peoplepage.